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Dogs Don’t Care 

Dogs Don’t Care by Kathleen Dunbar Dogs as a whole don’t care what they look like (except perhaps for poodles). Let yourself find that dignity and freedom that creatures know —let the sense of you being you in the moment … Continue reading

Shaman’s Stone 

              Shaman’s Stone by Kathleen Dunbar  At the heart of your experience is You. And though your Essence may not be weighed, is not palpable or seen, that Mystery makes you all the more … Continue reading

Daily Miracle Practice 

I always love how this practice makes me feel, whether I’m doing it on an already-great day, or whether I’m down in the pits. It shifts something, brightening the dark, or making my light shine even more brightly.  Declare, “Today, … Continue reading

Simple Grounding Exercise 

Comfortably seated, close your eyes and wiggle your sitsbones. Now imagine your feet on grassy earth. Breathe deep. Let go with a sigh. ⁣ ⁣ Inwardly track your body for a pleasurable sensation—the chair supporting your back, the feel of … Continue reading

You Matter 

    You matter. You have always mattered. Let the dust settle that contains all the reasons you thought you didn’t matter. Ah!–there is your gem self! Welcome home, my love, welcome home.  Here’s a self-friendly compassionate perspective to help … Continue reading

Take-Anywhere, Awesome Reset Practice 

The Body says: I am a fiesta.   -Eduardo Galeano  Here’s an easy practice to press your reset button. It quickly gets your brain and body producing harmony-hormones instead of stress-hormones.  Take-Anywhere, Awesome Reset Practice: Big stretch Yawn Sigh out loud with a sound, Ahhh Follow the … Continue reading