Medicine Songs

Blue Lilah

Who is Blue Lilah? Imagine being taken on a journey in the dream language of a medicine woman, with luscious percussion, backwards guitar, a whale's voice, a thunderstorm . . . and that's just the first song!

Let Blue Lilah take you with her through sea deeps, windy deserts and wild jungles. She casts her enchanting spell for you from the healing dreamtime! Her magical vocals ride on the rhythms of ancestral drums, gorgeous guitar tendrils and big-heart-beat bass.

Your invitation is awaiting . . . she is here to open her world for you!
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About Blue Lilah 

Kathleen Dunbar 
Vocals, “Language” and Incidental Percussion 
Gawain Mathews 
Instruments and Programming 
All Songs By 
Kathleen Dunbar
and Gawain Mathews 

Arranged and Produced by 
Gawain Mathews and Kathleen Dunbar 
Recorded and Mixed by Gawain Mathews 
Mastered at Trakwork by Justin Wells 
Additional Instruments 
John Wubbenhorst, Flute on Bleyso 
Vicky Ehrlich, Cello on Medicine Journey 
Cover Photo by Lorene Garrett  
Album Photography 
by Tamarind Free Jones  
Incidental Photography and Video 
by Kathleen Dunbar